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Watch Emoji Copy Paste ― ⌚

If you are looking for a watch emoji to copy and paste ― ⌚ online, this is the place to be. We did our research to help you with that.

Simply select the emoji (or tap and hold) and right click to copy it - or use the "Copy" button underneath the emoji to copy it to the clipboard. If you are looking to copy multiple emojis at once, use our Emoji Keyboard instead.

What does this ⌚ emoji mean? Definition and meaning: The watch emoji in chat can be used to indicate the passing of time or to suggest that someone should keep an eye on something. It can also be used to show excitement or anticipation for an upcoming event or to indicate that someone is waiting for something to happen.

More details about Watch Emoji Copy Paste ― ⌚

⌚ can be rendered differently, depending on the device you are using or a platform you are pasting this emoji on. Here are all the possible versions of ⌚ today.


Name: watch

Version: E0.6

Hex Code: 231a

Decimal Code: 8986

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